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Can’t remember who said it but it always stuck with me. If we don’t elect the best at the local level, how can we expect the best at the national level? As most of our national leaders started at the local level, you can see what it got us. Our national debt is precarious, housing prices have tanked, gas is getting exorbitant, unemployment reaches for the moon, and inflation looms.

It doesn’t matter whether there is a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ behind their name. Some are good and some are less than good. But it starts right here, here in River City, Fort Worth, TX USA.

On June 18th (or in early voting) you can make a choice. Make a choice based on what that candidate will do for Fort Worth. Fort Worth is all of us and we need a mayor who will keep that in mind. There is a difference in the candidates and you need to be mindful of that difference.

Back in 2006, during the water board election, Jim Lane admitted that Trinity Uptown probably would not look like the fancy artist’s conception being peddled by proponents. To this day he won’t defend it in the terms that the proponents would like. Betsy Price, in her first time to speak to the public, indicated reservations about Trinity Uptown. By the time the election loomed she had restated her position that it is a good economic development project.

We can argue the merits of Trinity Uptown for a long time but the issue came down to who was really being honest about the project or, perhaps, who knew what they were talking about. The more they have appeared to speak before the voters, it has become clear that only Jim Lane has known what he was talking about and is aware of the responsibilities of the city council.

Business as usual isn’t good enough in this economic climate. We need an experienced leader in the city’s number one political position. The only one with city hall experience is Jim Lane. In my eight years on the council there were numerous times where we differed on policy but Jim was always honest and above board in dealing with other council members and staff.

Do yourself and your neighbors a huge favor and go vote for Jim Lane for Mayor of Fort Worth.

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